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30-30 Winchester – Hornady Cases


30-30 Winchester

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30-30 Winchester

Get the Winchester, I’ve got all kinds mostly range brass, I pick up my share and my brother picks up a lot for me. 30-30 is the most abundant with Winchester, Remington followed by a few others

If they would quit making that steel cased stuff for 7.62X39 I could get rich picking it up selling the brass.

Why do you guys prefer Winchester brass over the others? Thanks, Mr fixit

I’ve never had a problem with Win brass, and many manuals reference it in their reloading data…In this case its half price of the Hornady brass that’s offered.

did a lot of testing of 30-30 loads a couple years back, with brass from PMC, DWM, R-P, W-W and Federal. Average accuracy was exactly the same, regardless of the headstamp. I used to segregate the brass by headstamp, now I don’t even bother.

use a mixed blend of brass when loading my 30-30 and my 35 Rem. They all shoot the same for me….real good.

The best, longest lasting brass I’ve used in Winchester. Buy the Win and don’t look back.

recently bought a bunch of onefired .30.30 brass on….had the choice of Winchester, Remington or Hornady.

choose the Hornady, because I want to try it….I heard the brass is a little heavier and reload more times.

And, since buying factory Hornady bullets for the 308MX and .30.30MXLR, I’ve grown to appreciate the quality of the Hornady brass….

I have about 100 cases of 30-30win on hand from my dad who doesn’t reload. Problem is he doesn’t shoot much so I need to really kick up my supply. If I buy some factory new stuff, which brand would MO recommend? I wanted Starline but don’t see it offered on their website. Midway lists Winchester, Remington, Federal Premium and Hornady.

My R-P 45auto brass is thinner than my Winchester cases so I’m leaning towards Winny even though it runs a bit more…

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