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410 ammo 500 Rounds


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410 AMMO IN STOCK NOW , BUY AMMO AND PRIMERS ONLINE , BULK AMMO AND PRIMERS HERE , AFFORDABLE PRIMERS NOW IN STOCK ONLINE. The .410 handgun has emerged as a popular option for self-defense, and Federal Premium® offers a variety of loads for these specialized firearms. A customized hull design, optimal brass thickness and fine-tuned payloads make these perfect for .410 handguns.

  • Excellent home and personal defense patterns
  • High-energy delivery
  • Special brass heads ensure smooth extraction
  • This 410 bore ammunition from Federal is designed to produce high pellet counts even in a compact form factor. Each shell in this box of 20 fires 9 pellets of #4 buckshot at a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet per second. This ammo can be used with shotguns capable of accommodating a 3″ shell length or with magnum versions of revolvers like the Taurus Judge.

    Federal shotshells are loaded in Anoka, Minnesota and widely used across the country for sporting, law enforcement, self-defense, and hunting purposes.

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  • Federal’s Top Gun Sporting line of ammunition has got everything you need to do heroic things at the trap or skeet shooting range — and for its nice price tag, you’ll still have money left over to buy the boys a round of drinks after you’ve utterly destroyed them in competition!

    This 410 Bore shotshell is loaded with a half ounce of the good stuff — #8 lead shot, which is perfect for shattering distant and zippy clays mid-flight. Federal makes their shot hard and round as can be, so your pattern is going to stay tighter farther out. You’ll find this shell acceptable for quail hunting as well!

    This shell’s clean burning propellant won’t quickly gum up your shotgun, and it’s formulated to create a very fast 1,330 fps muzzle velocity so you won’t have to lead quite so much with your aim. It’s primer is intensely reliable, so you won’t look like a dork with a dud after you’ve said “pull,” and its sturdy hull is worth hanging on to for reloading back home.

    Gauge 410 Bore
    Shot Size 4
    Muzzle Velocity 950
    Shotshell Length 2-1/2in. / 64mm
    Type Copper Plated Lead
    Shot Charge Oz 7/16
    Payload Pellets 59.0
    Density 11 g/cc
    Package Quantity 20
    Usage Self-Defense

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