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CCI Percussion Caps #10 Box of 1000 (10 Cans of 100)


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Percussion Caps


been having a blast with her new 1861 Uberti. The only issue we’ve had is the percussion caps falling off and getting in the action. I know that it is one of the issues with this design but I’m sure there is a trick to help keep them in place. I’m using Reminton no.10 caps (as recommended by Dixie Gun Works).

CCI Percussion Caps

Falling off or blowing off? If they are falling off because of loose cap fit the usual solution is to install Treso nipples. Much higher quality and uniform in size than the stock nipples. Blowing off generally means the hammer spring is to weak. A lot of the new Ubertis seem to be using the same spring as their single actions. When the charge fires the hammer acts as a seal at the back of the chamber to keep gas from blowing rearward. If the hammer spring is to light, the gas pushes the cap and hammer back a little and you get cap fragments in the action.


If the caps are falling off before firing, The old timers would slightly pinch the caps shut a bit before putting them on the nipple. Also as I posted a week or so ago in a post about old time gunmen when I asked them about rolling percussion guns back in their hand between shots they replied that was to help the caps fall free and keep them from falling under the hammer. If You notice when You handle old orginal percussion guns, They have heavy hammer springs and this hepls prevent blow off caps after firing. Hope this helps. I think everone who is into western guns should take the time to shoot percussion pistols at least once in their life to know how things were once before cartridge guns came alone.

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