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Buy Federal 9mm Ammo For Sale



Buy Federal 9mm Ammo For Sale.

The tradition of self-reliance and putting the customer in charge of his or her own safety is a moving target. The Federal American Eagle Handgun Ammunition line of products provides a range of ammunition that is suitable for personal defense as well as target shooting. These bullets offer the reliable Federal backing that every shooting sports lover looks for. These bullets provide the same level of accuracy and reliability that is found in our self-defense and target loads. Their FMJ bullets provide excellent terminal performance for a range of applications, from plinking to shooting to hunting

Where To Buy Federal 9mm Ammo For Sale.

This 9mm Luger Ammo from Federal has the same general specifications as our popular Personal Defense line, including a light tin load that reduces metal flaking, as well as the same 124-grain full metal jacket that is commonly used in handguns. Our FMJ bullets provide a level of accuracy that is consistent with our self-defense loadings. Our Universal Brass casings keep the cost of this ammunition low, and cleaning is easy with our top-quality primers and brass.

Specifications for Federal Premium American Eagle Handgun 9 mm Luger 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket Centerfire Pistol Ammunition:

Manufacturer: Federal Premium
Cartridge: 9mm Luger
Number of Rounds: 50
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Bullet Weight: 124 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Application: Recreational Shooting, Training
Package Type: Box
Primer Style: Centerfire
Lead Free: No
Gun Type: Pistol

Features of Federal Premium American Eagle Handgun 9 mm Luger 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket Centerfire Pistol Ammunition:

  • Clean-burning powders
  • Federal primers and brass
  • Wide selection of bullet styles to suit target practice


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