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G19x Gen3 In Stock



Buy G19x Gen3 In Stock.

Perhaps the most widely used globally by military and administrations due to its superior capabilities and innovative “Safe Action” security system. The predecessor of pistols with polymer carcasses.
The reliability, durability and precision, as well as safety ease of use and the quality/price ratios are worth remembering.

Caliber 9 19 mm
Compact range
Fixed front sight Laterally adjustable rear sight Magazine
Capacity 15 shots
Weight: 595 g. empty, 850 g. charged
Warranty of the manufacturer

Where To Buy G19x Gen3 In Stock.

Semi-automatic double action pistol 9 x 19 mm caliber Gen 3. It comes in a Glock case, with two magazines and one magazine one cleaning swab made of nylon and 1 manual. For sports use we suggest starting with the moment you purchase the gun and, for a small amount of 10 dollars the fitting on a trigger connector that reduces the initial weight to 2 kilograms.


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