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Glock 20 Gen 4



Where To Buy Glock 20 Gen 4.

The GLOCK 20 Gen4 conveys imposing power downrange with high exactness over significant distance. The utilization of GLOCK howdy tech polymer impressively lessens felt withdraw even in this hefty type. Glock 20 gen 4 10mm For the chasing local area this 10 mm Auto is a dependable partner giving a protected and precise completing shot, in any event, when chasing major game

How Much Is Glock 20 In Stock

The GLOCK 20 SF consolidates the SF (Short Frame) plan with the incredible 10 mm AUTO cartridge making the edge more agreeable and essentially upgrading controllability and exactness. The SF configuration diminishes the outline of the collector at the back offering expanded usability and control, particularly to shooters with more modest hands. The GLOCK 20 SF measurements likewise give a long sight span to better accuracy.

Features Of Glock 20 In Stock.

  • Safe action trigger
  • Finger grooved textured polymer grip
  • 3 magazines included


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