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Green Dot 8lbs – Alliant Powder


Alliant Green Dot


Now cleaner burning! It delivers precise burn rates for uniformly tight patterns, and you’ll appreciate the lower recoil. Versatile for target and field.

Lower felt recoil
Superior patterning
Versatile for target and field

Principal Purpose: Handicap trap loads
Secondary Uses: Light 20 ga. target loads

WARNINGS: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancerand birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to-

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green dot powder

got to thinking about powder and realized I don’t have any Red Dot, Green Dot, 231 or any other fast burners in my inventory. Since lead went sky high, I’ve pretty much quit loading ounce and 1-1/8 ounce shotgun shells, so I don’t use the fast burners any more. About the fastest powder in the cabinet is HS6, and it’s simply not suitable for snake loads. I tried a 2.5 & 3 gr. charges for 90 grs. of lead shot, but it pushed them so fast that my barrel looked like a smooth bore after only 6 rounds.

Green Dot 8lbs – Alliant Powder

we bhave done a few by using the powder from some Federal factory dove & quail shells, but it’s a hassle and a waste of my bird hunting shells. I treat the powder as I would Red Dot burn rates, 2.5 grs. works fine and I can get about 6 or 7 snake loads from a single shot shell. Maybe I should just go buy a lb. of Red Dot, a pound would probably last me the rest of my life if lead doesn’t come down a lot more,
it’s currently $35 – $40 for 25 pounds.

Alliant Powder

Shot loads are very sensitive to speed, 1/2 grain of powder can make the difference between a great patterning load and a terrible one.
I started using Unique when I was a teenager and never quit.

don’t need to break any velocity records, just want an effective snake load, slow works just fine on them critters. I’m gonna pick up some powder at SWH tomorrow, I need to get these capsules loaded up, as I’ve nearly run out of the 10 pack of factory snake loads I bought a couple months ago, and I’ve used up all my DIY snakes loads I made also. This is just crazy, this year has definitely been one for the record.

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