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sig sauer 9mm model sp 2022


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sig sauer 9mm model sp 2022sig sauer 9mm model sp 2022

features a durable, lightweight and wear-resistant polymer frame with an integrated M1913 accessory rail. The SIG SAUER polymer framed pistols have earned an enviable reputation and proven track record of reliable performance in the hands of law enforcement professionals.

All UTM Pistol conversion kits bear a unique chamber profile that will not allow “Live/Lethal” Ammunition to completely chamber therefore holding the weapon out of battery, making the weapon inoperative. The conversions are also slotted on the side, which allows the brass case of a live round to rupture in a controlled manner dispersing gases and unburnt powder through the ejection port if all safety protocols are not followed or a round is distorted/forced into the conversion. The UTM conversions provide safety well beyond that of any other conversion on the market, providing live round lock-out for commonly used ammunition in the Law Enforcement and Military communities with the remaining portion of uncommon rounds being dispelled with our gas dispersal safety feature greatly reducing incident potential.

Concealed Carry TRUE
Manufacturer Name Sig Sauer
Model SP2022
Series Nitron Full Size
UPC 798681437511
Manufacturer Part Number SP2022-9-B-CA
MSRP 549.99
Brand Sig Sauer
Category Level 2 Pistols
Category Level 3 Semi Auto Pistols
Action Single/Double
Barrel Finish Black
Barrel Length 3.9
Barrel Material Carbon Steel
Caliber 9mm luger
Capacity Standard 10
Frame Finish Nitron
Frame Material Polymer
Frame Size Full
General Finish Nitron Frame, Nitron Slide
Grip Description Polymer Black
Grip Finish Black
Grip Material Polymer
Hammer Exposed
Is Display Model FALSE
Left Handed No
Safety TRUE
Safety Description Decocker
Sights Front SIGLITE Night 1-Dot
Sights General RS: SIGLITE Night 2-Dot, FS: SIGLITE Night 1-Dot
Sights Rear SIGLITE Night 2-Dot
Slide Finish Nitron
Slide Material Stainless Steel
Total Height 5.7
Total Length 7.4
Weight In Ounces 29
Weight In Pounds 1.8

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