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Steel Shot #7 (bag/10#)


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Steel Shot #7 (bag/10#)

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Product Type: Non-toxic steel shot; USFWS approved.
Load Data: Status of Steel and Advantages manuals
Specs: Sizes #F (.220″) through #7 (.100″); (industry tolerances apply)
Packaging: Duck cloth bag, sewn seams. 10 lbs. per unit
Density: Approximately 7.85 grams per cubic centimeter

Steel Shot #7

#7 shot is primarily used for target shooting, clays and medium-sized birds like grouse, partridge, quail, and snipe.

Old-timers will usually refer to #7 and #7.5 as “dove shot,” because it excels at hitting birds and small animals that are roughly the size of a large dove. As with any steel shot, you will sacrifice a bit of power and penetration compared to the lead equivalent, but you will gain the ability to hunt in all the places where lead is banned. Steel shot is also one of the lower-priced, “non-toxic” types of ammo. So if you love hunting, clay shooting and target shooting – this ammo should meet all your needs.

Today, #7 shot is most commonly found in 12 and 20 gauges, from manufacturers like RIO, Fiocchi and Winchester.

Hunting Use

#7 is one of the most popular sizes available for mid- to small-sized birds like phesant and dove, because you have great range without a huge amount of damage to the meat. There is nothing worse than making a good shot on a bird, only to realize all that is left is the beak and feathers.

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Grouse, partridge and quail are good targets for this shot as well, but since you’re using steel shot, you’ll want to try to remain in the 25- to 35-yard range whenever possible. These birds are more well-padded than you might think.

Many environmentalists have questioned the safety of using lead shot, so some areas and states have banned its use – mandating shooters to use steel loads.

Although it remains a sore topic for many, the fact remains that virtually all public hunting lands do not allow the use of lead shot. However, it must be noted that some hunting situations require extra precautions when hunting with steel due to ricochets.

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